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GreenMile Electrical is an electric vehicle (EV) charger specialist operating across the Greater Manchester area. We help customers to choose the right home EV charger for their needs, and work with them to decide on the best place to install it at their home or office.

There are more than 20 different EV charge point systems on the market, and it can be hard for newcomers to electric vehicles to know how to make the right choice.

We’re here to help. We are experienced, friendly and reliable – and we have an in-depth understanding of the various EV chargers available. At GreenMile, our aim is to only ever offer what we feel to be the best 5 chargers on the market at that point in time, and we are happy to discuss the pros and cons of each.

Making the switch to an environmentally-friendly vehicle should be a moment to feel proud of and be excited by – and it’s our mission as an EV charging point installer to make the ‘powering up’ part of the journey a positive experience, too.

Featured Product

Myenergi – Zappi inc HUB

GreenMile Recommended from £875*

Myenergi Zappi is an eco-smart and cost-effective charger which has the ability to use surplus energy from a solar PV system to potentially charge your car for free.

If you have solar PV system installed at your home, GreenMile highly recommends this charger. If not, the Zappi is still a fantastic charger and can be fitted to your mains fuse box, just like any other EV charging system.

*subject to survey & successful OZEV grant application

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Towards a greener, cleaner environment

The UK Government has stated that the sales of all new petrol and diesel vehicles will officially be banned in less than a decade.

It is all part of a global push towards reducing greenhouse gases, and there is absolutely no doubt that the Government’s plans will make a significant difference. Did you know that the average family car in the UK releases more than two tonnes of CO2 into the environment every year?

Electric vehicles are seen by many as the answer to a greener, cleaner future, and developments in battery technology means that the electric cars now available are becoming a more compelling alternative by the day.

There are currently more than 30,000 public car charging points across Britain – meaning that you can cross the country in an electric-powered vehicle more easily than ever before.

Being able to charge your car at home, of course, is a key part of the EV owning experience. Home (or office) EV charging points may only make up a small fraction of the overall purchase price, but they nonetheless play a critical role in the electric vehicle story. It’s important to understand your choices.

GreenMile Electrical supplies and installs EV charger systems in Manchester and the surrounding areas, and can advise customers on the latest models, the likely running costs, the best places to install a system and much more.

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